Commercial Pool Enclosures

There are now many hotels, holiday parks, holiday cottages, resorts and public buildings all needing to improve their facilities in order to set themselves apart from the competition and meet the requirements of an ever more demanding clientele. multiplication of services, diversification of supply, improvement of service quality and optimisation of customer experience are major challenges to overcome. when faced with such challenges, a commercial pool enclosure would appear to be essential for all those in the tourism sector.

Experience and know-how allow us to respond to large-scale projects. Campsites, hotels, communities, many institutions have already trusted us to cover pools up to 25m wide. The use of tempered safety glass is a major advantage since this material meets perfectly the regulations in force for public swimming pools as well as the regulations related to fire.

Why Covering A Pool With An Enclosure Makes For Improved Business

Commercial Pool Enclosures reduce costs

Reduce Costs

Commercial Pool Enclosures attracts visitors

Attract More Guests

Commercial Pool Enclosures A Superior Quality of Service

A Superior Quality of Service

Commercial Pool Enclosures Customer Loyalty

More Customer Loyalty