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Fairlocks Pools Products as licensed UK distributor: design, supply and install Abridéal fully bespoke telescopic swimming pool enclosures for pools and spas.

We are specialists in utilising toughened safety glass and using only use the highest quality materials and certified manufacturing processes.


Full Height Enclosures

Full Height Pool Enclosures

A high-level enclosure creates a living space that combines relaxation and comfort. Its spaciousness gives it a luxury indoor pool feel, and creates an extra room in your house. Your very own pool house!

Medium Height Pool Enclosures

Medium Height Pool Enclosures

Available between 130cm and 180cm in height, the medium height enclosure offers ample space to swim under the building. Its sleek design emphasises its transparency, giving you a...

Low Height Pool Enclosures

Low Height Pool Enclosures

By combining design and efficiency, low and ultra-low telescopic enclosures are suitable for any environment. They are perfect for those wanting to keep the view of their surroundings unobstructed..

Lean-to Pool Enclosures UK

Lean-To Pool Enclosures

A wall-mounted pool enclosure is a natural extension to your house and perfect for direct access to the pool. Creating the ideal pool house for entertaining.The extra space creates a warm..

Static Pool Enclosures UK

Static Pool Enclosures

Our fixed enclosures can come with the option to have a telescopic retractable roof and can be considered as a mix between a conservatory and a pool enclosure.

Bespoke Pool Enclosures UK

Bespoke Pool Enclosures

All our enclosures are in a way bespoke, in that each one is made to order to a client’s exact needs and specifications. However, what we mean by ‘bespoke’ in this context is a building that we..

Commercial Pool Enclosures

Our extensive experience and expert knowledge allow us to successfully plan and execute large-scale commercial projects. Holiday parks, hotels and public institutions are just some of the places where our enclosures can be found, covering pools up to 25m wide. Using tempered safety glass is a huge advantage as it fully complies with current regulations on public pools as well as fire-related regulations.

Commercial Pool Enclosures UK
Pool Enclosure Installation B&B
Why Choose Abridéal?


Abridéal designs and manufactures fully custom-made telescopic and fixed pool enclosures. Specialists in tempered safety glass, we have been integrating this noble material into our shelters for over 30 years. The resistance, durability and environmental qualities of glass, combined with very high quality materials and certified manufacturing processes (CE certification) make Abridéal shelters exceptional.

Intended for home and commercial use, our pool enclosures can cover pools up to 25m wide in a wide range of situations.


We analyse your project and find you the solution best suited to your needs.


Our experts will then take measurements of the site.


Your enclosure will then be made at our workshop in St-Sulpice-sur-Lèze (31).


Your enclosure is delivered and installed by our installation teams.


Our enclosures come with a 10-year structural warranty with a 3-year warranty on the parts.

Why Choose Abridéal?

Since 1987, Abridéal has been designing and making fully customisable telescopic and fixed enclosures. As specialists in toughened safety glass, Abridéal only use the highest quality materials and innovative manufacturing processes. Your enclosure is unique and by choosing Abridéal distributed by Fairlocks Pool Products - you are guaranteed expert knowledge and professional, reliable support.

Which type of enclosure is best for me?

Whether you’re looking for discretion, space or an indoor pool, we’ve got just the right enclosure for you.

I would like High level enclosure Wall-mounted enclosure Medium level enclosure Low level enclosure Spa enclosure
Easy care & maintenance          
Warmer water          
Extended use          
Year-round use      
Open air pool        
Motorised opening;      
Planning permission      
Abridéal accreds