Medium Height Pool Enclosures

The medium height design provides a solution where installing a full height enclosure may lead to issues such as obscuring a view of your landscape or garden surrounding the pool. A medium height enclosure not only allows undercover swimming pool but, thanks to their taller end section, free movement to enter it. As well allowing easy entry to the enclosure with full headroom, it means you can also provide for an area to sit, dine and entertain it if desired.

As with the full height structures each section is designed to telescope smoothly and neatly into the previous section to very finely engineered tolerances. This means that the entire building can be retracted back completely into the first section leaving the entire pool and all but the smallest part of the pool surround open to the skies to take full advantage of the sun when it’s out, and accrue all the benefits of an outdoor pool on a hot summer’s day. You can also open up the enclosure between any element and push back to two fixed ends. If the weather is a little predictable opening up a smaller area can still give you protection from a prevailing wind.

Our medium structures like the full height and low models roll on wheels and do not require rails or tracks to move on. The special patented guiding mechanism built beneath the base of the elements interlocks, keeping it perfectly in line when opening and closing. With no tracks to encumber the surround or obstacle to trip over, the pool surround becomes a much more attractive area when fully retracted back off the pool for entertaining family and friends.

We offer a range of roof shapes, door sizes & styles, opening choices and colours to choose from. All options are down to personal taste, your home, garden and surrounding area you have to cover.

Medium Height Telescopic Pool Enclosures